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Consultation:  The purpose of the initial consultation is for you and your pup and your walker to meet and get acquainted. This is an opportunity to decide if the walker and your dog are a good fit. The Walker will also review your information and your pup’s routine. Please be ready to give your walker a key (that has been tested) and/or a garage code to your home.

Drop By: In addition to the free New Client Consultation, many clients prefer that their Walker stop by prior to changes in the household, meet new pets, see new things in the home, or to pick up a new key if the locks are changed. We are happy to stop by. We will schedule a regular dog walk slot ($22) for these visits. Alternatively, we are happy to review instructions over the phone, via email, or updated client profiles for no charge.

Keys/Lockout: If a garage code is offered to gain entry to your home, it is the client’s responsibility for any missed visits due to malfunction or power outage. In the event that Daily Leash is required to employ a locksmith to gain entry into a client’s premises due to the malfunction of the lock, or failure of Client to provide a functioning key to Daily Leash, it shall be the responsibility of Client to reimburse Daily Leash for all costs incurred.

Cancellations: If you would like to cancel a dog walk for your pup, please do so by 8:00am that day to avoid being charged.

Trespassers: Our Walkers are instructed not to allow anyone into your home. Please provide a key to anyone else coming to your house, such as house cleaners or workmen. Please also let the office know if anyone will be present in the home when the Walker is scheduled to come for your dog, to avoid surprises!


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Booking an Appointment?

Online: Scheduling can be done through our on-line scheduling system. To book an appointment use the form above. To review or edit your bookings you can find a link to your log in at the top of this website or CLICK HERE. This method is easy and secure. When you schedule using this system, Mary Anne will receive an email notification. She will review it, add the appointments to your walker’s schedule, and approve it. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email/invoice.

Email/Call: Feel free to call or email Mary Anne. She will add your request to the on-line system and schedule and you will receive an email confirmation/invoice.

Please do not call or text or leave a written note to your usual walker directly to schedule. They have been instructed to redirect calls and texts for scheduling back to Mary Anne. All scheduling must go through the office as a condition of our insurance, and to be sure your dog’s walk is confirmed on the schedule.

Billing: There are 2 choices for payment; Monthly (for 3 or less walks per week) or Weekly (for 4 or more walks per week). Monthly clients will receive an invoice, by email, at the end of each month. Weekly clients will receive an invoice, by email, on Fridays.

Payment: Your emailed invoice will contain a “Pay Now” link. Click the link to pay online with a credit or debit card, or bank transfer. You may also mail a check to: Daily Leash, 1506 Washington Street, Holliston MA 01746