Dog Walker Wanted! Why Your Dog Is Barking For A Dog Walker

Dog Walker Wanted!  Why Your Dog Is Barking For A Dog Walker


You probably know your dog’s barks better than anyone else. You know when that bark means it’s time for dinner; he’s ready for a walk; or it’s really time for you to get out of bed on Saturday morning and spend time with him. But, have you heard that bark that repeats: I want a dog walker. I want a dog walker?

If you listen carefully, you just might hear it. But, just in case, here are some of the top reasons your dog is barking for a dog walker:

He wants some excitement.

Sure, your dog has a luxurious life, lounging in a comfortable bed all day, watching from the window as cars zip down the street and a mischievous squirrel runs up and down a tree, and playing and eating whenever the mood strikes. But, the fact is, even though he has an awesome life, he really wants some excitement to break up his day and make the time go faster until you return home. He will greet his friend the dog walker eagerly and embrace the opportunity to socialize, to eliminate, and to go for a walk every day.

He gets lonely.

Your dog loves you and understands you can’t be home all day every day. But, he gets lonely. Seeing a friendly face every day will raise his spirits and give himself something to look forward to every day. Your professional dog walker will ensure your dog gets socialization – with other animals and people – so he isn’t lonely during the day.

He can’t hold it all day.

Have you ever had to hold it in all day, not getting even one chance to go to the toilet? Your dog holds it in every day because he’s housetrained and, let’s be honest, he doesn’t want to disappoint you by having an accident. He would really love the chance to go outside every day, to walk around and to sniff the ground, and to relieve himself. It would make napping the rest of the day much easier and much more comfortable. When you hire a professional dog walker, your dog will get everything he wants until you return home.

He loves to go for walks.

Yes, your dog loves you more than anything but treats and going for a walk every day are a close second. He loves that opportunity to go outside, to sniff his surroundings, to meet new friends and revisit old friends, and to release some of that pent-up energy he has from napping all morning. A professional dog walker will come to your home, as many times as you schedule each day, take your dog for a walk, allow him to eliminate, rotate his toys if you want, and give him a treat. After leaving your dog tired, happy and ready for a nap, your professional pet sitter will send either a text or an email letting you know your dog is happy and eagerly awaiting your return home.

Why is your dog barking for a dog walker?

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