Mary Anne Moore

I have loved animals for as long as I can remember. As a kid I begged my father for a dog, and when he said “no” – I started walking all the neighborhood dogs. I was 13 when I knocked on the neighbors’ doors and asked if I could take their dog for a walk. I was usually greeted with a surprised look, from both the owner and the dog! When I was 15, I started working for a pet shop – Puppy Palace. I loved that job so much, I would ride my bike the 10 miles from Holliston to route 9 in Natick, just to spend time at the shop (much to my mother’s dismay).
Eventually I was able to get my own German Shepherd puppy. “Kaptain” went everywhere with me during senior year of high school. My nickname became “Woofy”. I learned about dog obedience and confirmation showing with Kaptain. I also made many of the training mistakes with poor Kaptain! I started my pet sitting service in 1986 at the suggestion of a friend that needed her doggies watched while she went on vacation. Soon, pet sitting was a full time job for me. Over the years, I managed an Akita kennel in Bellingham, a 40-stall horse farm in Medway, and spent 2 years working in the Large and Small Animal Hospitals at Tufts in Grafton. I also lived at an 18 horse-boarding barn in Holliston, and got up every morning in the dark to feed and turn out my charges. I met many wonderful people and their pets. I really enjoy all the funny stories we all have about our animals. I have owned horses, Akitas, cats (one lived to be 17), rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish and birds. Today I live in Uxbridge with my young daughter, Charlotte. We have a Rat Terrier “Chico”, a Dachshund “Greta”, a Mini Poodle “Buttons”, a Ragdoll mix “Keilo”, a Siamese “Navi” and a 30 gallon tank of tropical fish. Charlotte asks me every day, “When can we get another kitten?”

Gina Klay

I’m a dog lover without a dog, so I get my “dog fix” each day from my time with my clients. Getting to know each of their personalities is always interesting and fun. I feel privileged to take care of this very special member of the family. Gina has been with Daily Leash since 2010.

George Pappas

I was born and raised on Cape Cod, went to school for MIS/Computer Science and worked in the telecom industry for over 20 years.  No matter whether I was in school or working, I always made time for raising and working with dogs.  I’ve owned dogs ranging from Beagles and Puggles to Labs and Dobermans.  They have and always will be part of my family.   After turning 45, I decided to leave the corporate world and focus on the canine industry.  I currently walk a posse of ten dogs and have never been happier.George has been with Daily Leash since 2014.

Stephanie Whelan

Anyone who knows me says that I have the perfect job for me. I have to agree as I love dogs and I love being active! When I’m not walking dogs, I enjoy spending time with my husband, two daughters and Wheaten Terrier, Keegan. A resident of Hopkinton, I enjoy running and am on the organizing committee of the Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K to Cure ALS and am a board member of the 26.2 Foundation. Stephanie has been with Daily Leash since 2014.

Marilyn Loppi

Marilyn has been with Daily Leash since 2013.

Kyle Ashworth

I have always loved and owned dogs ever since I can remember. To be able to work with them everyday is amazing! Each pet is so unique and special and I am happy and lucky to have to opportunity to interact with these furry family members.
It’s hard to ever have a bad day at the Daily Leash. There are too many happy faces and tails wagging at you!
I am currently residing in Holliston and can often be seen with with my own dog Rusty who loves to hike with me and is sometimes a “walking buddy” with some of the dogs I get to visit.
Kyle has been with Daily Leash since 2015.

Jessica Strzempko

As all my friends will say, I’m a dog person through and through! Right now, I live in Holliston, MA with my parents and our goofy but joyful black Lab Pitbull mix, Mj. I’ve always loved having dogs in my life but I realized my passion for walking and caring for them when I supported our previous dog, Sonny, a Labrador Retriever, as he went blind and deaf toward the end of his life. That experience has led me to work with, and open my heart to, dogs both big and small. And that’s why I count myself lucky that I have such an amazing job where I get to spend time with these curious and kind animals everyday! Currently, I’m attending Clark University in Worcester for Environmental Science as a sophomore. In my free time I enjoy reading, drawing, rock climbing, and going on walks in the woods with my dog!
Jess has been with Daily Leash since 2015

Lauren Woodworth

I have always had a strong connection and love for animals, especially dogs. It’s hard to have a bad day with so many fuzzy faces smiling up at you! My favorite thing is their unconditional love and non-judgmental attitudes. In my free time I enjoy photography, being in nature, and playing with my own pup. I look forward to continuing with Daily Leash and meeting many more doggy friends 🙂
Lauren has been with Daily Leash since 2016.

Caitlin Lyons 

I am a native of massachusetts, currently living in ashland with my husband, 2 dogs, and 4 chickens. I attended the university of Colorado at Boulder, and lived out there for a total of 6 wonderful years where I also met my husband. We moved to Boston in 2006 where I worked for Whole Foods Market for 7 years, and also briefly ran my own food business before I decided I needed a drastic change from retail. I got a job as a dog walker while living in the city, and never looked back. I have been doing it now for a year and a half. I love not only the dogs, but the outdoors and the exercise. not to mention I can bring my pup, and pal Tallulah along with me!  I am also starting my own in-home, small-scale dog boarding business. Additionally, in my spare time I can be found in my backyard enjoying our fire pit, or in the kitchen cooking (and eating). I also enjoy travel, camping, hiking, kayaking, biking, as well as time with family and friends.
Caitlin has been with Daily Leash since 2017.